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Partners & Sponsors

University of Tasmania

Dept of Education (Tas)

Ian Potter Foundation

Tasmanian Community Fund

Units of Learning

U1:Living on the Edge

U2:Island Environments

U3:Kitchen Cultures

U4:Island Communications

U5:Visitors - Welcome and Unwelcome

U6:Stormy Weather

U7:Spirited Island

U8:People and Cultures

U9:Transport through Time

Full Set Units 1 - 9

Welcome to Webbing the Islands!

Our aim is to provide to people with a passion for islands - especially teachers, students and community workers - a range of exciting and interesting island studies, activities and resources, and to offer this space online for you to share your work on islands with others around the world.

Each year, starting in 2007, we explore one theme related to islands; this year that theme is Sense of Place.

So check out our new Webbing the Islands program, browse our website and connect to a world of islands! We look forward to seeing the wonderful work you produce, so if you have any questions check out our FAQs, and if you would like to contact us, click here.

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